Medical Health Solutions Opens Innovative Weight Loss Clinic

Medical Health Solutions announces the grand opening of an innovative weight loss clinic in Lone Tree, Colorado. Medical Health Solutions will allow residents in the Denver region to access the latest weight loss treatment known as GLP-1, a safe and highly effective medical weight loss therapy. GLP-1 is a simple solution of proteins that is doctor-approved and easy to incorporate into daily life.

Seen recently on several national news programs, GLP-1 is one of a family of therapies that support weight loss efforts by slowing down the body’s desire for food. The protein solution signals to the body’s systems that it is full after much smaller portions and helps a person feel fuller longer. Experts are saying this is the most revolutionary development in weight loss in over two decades. LoneTree, CO residents can call (303) 951-8617 for a consultation or visit for more information.

The goal of Medical Health Solutions is to help clients reach their weight loss goals quickly and live a healthier life, starting with a cutting-edge therapy new to the market: GLP-1. This protein-based formula is doctor-approved, customized for each individual client, and is proving to deliver results quickly for the majority of people who join the program. An added bonus, it is easily incorporated into a daily routine and can be sustained long term.

Seen as one of the most revolutionary approaches to halt the growing obesity epidemic, Medical Health Solutions is offering GLP-1 under the supervision of Colorado board certified physicians who specialize in medical weight loss. According to Vecchiarelli, the team at the clinic is highly trained and experienced in the use of GLP-1 and dedicated to being there for clients every step of the way on their weight loss journey. GLP-1 promotes weight loss, which in turn, offers additional health benefits, such as reducing the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, heart issues, and other issues triggered by obesity. Weight loss can even improve mental health and a person’s state of well-being.

According to Vecchiarelli, at least 1 in 3 Americans qualify as being overweight, and at risk of developing more serious problems. Despite this, the medical community has not had safe, effective tools to offer patients.

“For decades, doctors have had only two alternatives to offer, invasive surgery or strong pharmaceuticals,” says Vecchiiarelli. “For many people being overweight is a medical condition, not a lack of discipline.” He adds, “Medical Health Solutions is about to change the stigma around being overweight, and the fat shaming that has gone on for far too long.”

At Medical Health Solutions there is a team of weight loss professionals in place, trained to administer and monitor the use of GLP-1. At the start of the program, the team at the clinic determines a personal GLP-1 dosage based on factors like medical history and BMI. While always recommending practices that promote good health, the program does not require a strict diet regime, calorie counting or to clock exercise. The therapy simply makes taking in fewer calories a natural part of a busy life. “This is the most powerful tool to come along in twenty plus years” says Vecchiarelli, “and Medical Health Solutions is proud to be the clinic bringing it to Lone Tree to serve residents in the greater South Denver area.”

GLP-1 mimics proteins the body produces naturally after food intake. The majority of people who use it notice an immediate decline in cravings and the desire to eat large meals. GLP-1 works by promoting the production of a certain protein in the body. By elevating the level of this protein, individuals find that it reduces cravings for foods outside of mealtimes, and promotes consuming far less overall. It triggers feelings of satiation (that feeling of being full and content) for longer periods of time.

Participants say that the solution is easy to incorporate into a day-to-day routine, no matter how busy the schedule. Participants report a craving and hunger free lifestyle, with minimal effort, which is truly good news for anyone that has battled hunger and been at war with a body programmed to consume thousands of calories a day. Far safer than prescription drugs, it may produce mild side effects for a few, but that is rare and issues resolve quickly.

Considered by many to be a revolutionary approach, GLP-1 and similar solutions deal with what has always been the biggest hurdle to weight loss, the body needing thousands of calories daily to “feel normal,” rather than the recommended 1200 to 1500 humans require. Many people have a metabolism that is hard-wired to demand more, far more in fact, than it actually needs to function efficiently. This is through no fault of the patient, it is simply how their bodies function.

GLP-1, backed by cutting-edge scientific research, has been used safely for the treatment of other medical conditions, such as diabetes, for some time.

The hazard of prescription drugs, like Phentermine or Adipex, is that they speed up heart rate as well as metabolism. This can make it a risky treatment option for some people. Gastric surgery can work, but it is invasive and patients must be careful about how much food they consume so as not to strain the gastric system. People who are above their recommended weight know full well how difficult it is to incorporate an extreme diet and exercise program into a busy life. And, often diet and exercise, even when someone is diligent, just doesn’t work.

The Medical Health Solutions clinic was launched for these reasons. That, and the founder’s passion for leading people to live happier, healthier lives. Anyone interested in regaining control over their health and wellness through weight loss can reach the Medical Health Solutions clinic at (303) 951-8617 or visit for more details.

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Medical Health Solutions is a new clinic offering innovative protein-based therapies for anyone seeking to lose weight without complicated hard-to-follow programs or surgery in Lone Tree, CO and the greater South Denver area.